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Robot ed automazioni su misura per lavorazione e stampaggio materie plastiche.


Plastics, with their variety and heterogeneity, are widely used in the contemporary industry.

The growth of plastics usage as gone hand in hand with the technological progress of the material characteristics, performance and its versatile applications, with high structural performances, and with an increasing attention to new bio-plastics materials.

The plastic materials manufacturing presents a wide range of scenario, according to the plastic formula, type of machining, and more importantly by the final use of the realized products. The robots can be used in several jobs of the plastics manufacturing process, such as:

• Mechanical working (holing, cutting, bevelling, etc.)
• Loading, unloading and interlockings of moulding presses (injection, o rotational).
• Loading, unloading and interlockings of thermoforming lines.
• In-line handling and re-positioning
• Palletizing and storage

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