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Robot ed automazioni robotizzate per le lavorazioni meccaniche e dei metalli.


To be based at the center of the Motor and Packaging Valley, and developing industrial automation and robotics systems, it gives us a clear advantage in developing strong experience in the metal working /processing technology.

Since 1996 we have developed successful solutions, for key companies of our area, by creating and making machines, production lines, and automation systems, that enabled us to become a key player for the industrial and robotics automations in the metal working field.

Our robots are therefore used in:

• Interlockings for automation and CNC machines.
• Interlocking for automation and loading/unloading of presses.
• Integrated vision systems.
• Quality Control Systems
• Handling and interlockings for special CNC machines.
• Bevelling, grinding, and risers removal machines.
• End of line palletizing systems.

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