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Coming Soon….Yaskawa Cobot Working Bench with Schunk Gripper – Metal-Glass Mobile Assembly Unit


Cobot (Yaskawa) Working Bench with Schunk Gripper - Mobile Demo Unit at FARETE 2019, Bologna September 2019


Robot (Yaskawa) metal rollers handling, 500kg, fine tuning, soon under full production - May 2019


Robot (Kuka) Rubber inserts handling - Automotive industry, testing, September 2019

Robot team! - 2nd Robot (Yaskawa) started operation next to the previous (ABB) in Glass bevelling-snag-grinding operation, March 2019.


Robot (Yaskawa) Bin-Placing booklets – Hannover Messe 2019 official video

Glass bevelling-snag-grinding robot


Robot (Yaskawa) Bin-Picking metal parts – Hannover Messe 2019 official video


Drilling-Screwing robot


Palletizer large sizes


Drums Tilting machine, designed and developed for application in the chemical companies


Palletizer for large size XXL ceramics (500Kg, 1600mm x 3200mm, thickness up to 40mm)


Robot Palletizing, chemie carton boxes, reaches 4 millions boxes in 7 years double shift operation.


Food packaging line (fresh meat) reaches 11 millions of packages made in 2019, after 6 years of continuos operation.

Tecno-Pro Engineering - Automatic robot multi-level packaging-palletizer - Tin food


Tecno-Pro Engineering - Carton Box Packaging line for champagne bottles, France - 2011

Automatic Handling Process in Refrigerator Manufacturing, 2017.